You don't have access to a 3D printer, but want a cheap DSLR tracker?

I want to sell a printed, DIY assembly kit for around 120€ (incl. tax).

I have gotten amazing feedback, and i am working hard on getting the OpenAstroTracker ready for production! This will take some more time, but be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get a email once i start selling.


Some specs:

Long and heavy lenses supported

Widefield? DSO’s? No problem! Take that 500mm lens that you could never use!

Find your targets easily​

Unseen in DSLR mounts: integrated GoTo!

Target the whole sky

Full 180° movement in every direction

Long exposures

Tracking times comparable to commercial trackers are possible


If you are interested in buying the AstroTracker as a printed assembly kit for roughly the mentioned pricerange, please submit your email and get notified once I start selling!

The price includes:

  • Arduino Uno + 16×2 LCD shield
  • 2x 28BYJ steppers + driver boards
  • 7 bearings
  • Screws and nuts
  • bubble level
  • timing belt
  • Material cost for over 30 printed parts, with 50 hour print time
  • packaging
  • sales tax