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build from simple, affordable and 3D printed parts
GoTo let the mount point on the celestial object of your interest automatically Guider take your exposures to the extreme Easy assembly

OpenAstroTracker Kits now available!

It’s finally time! After a long time of perfecting the OpenAstroTracker, the DIY Kits are now available!

"Space is for everybody. It’s not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That’s our new frontier out there, and it’s everybody’s business to know about space.

Christa McAuliffe
Teacher, Astronaut"



Open-source Astronomy Equipment

Who doesn’t look up to the stars from time to time and ponders about the endless wonders out there, in this vast and endless universe. The countless stars that sometimes lighten up the night sky. The galaxies, so far away that their light that reaches us is older than humankind itself. The nebulae in all their many colors and shapes, more beautiful than any painter could ever paint it.

We all know the incredible pictures taken by Hubble, but you can take pictures of these things too! From your backyard, an empty field, a campsite.

Astrophotography equipment can be very expensive. With 3D printing becoming more and more available to the broad public, I want to create a platform for publicly available, 3D printable astrophotography equipment to make the entry into the hobby much easier.


OpenAstroTracker (OAT)

Open-source DIY star tracker which can be build from simple, affordable and 3D printed parts

Many days and nights have been spend in CAD, papers full of calculations, frustration over code. Hours out in the cold for calibration and testing. Kilos and kilos of filament wasted. Incredible amounts of coffee consumed. But it’s finally finished, the bugs are removed and everything is working. I am incredibly proud to present you this project and that i’m able to give something back to the amazing 3D printing community.

  • GoTo
  • Full 180 degrees movement in every direction
  • Long Exposures

It is my love for both the open-source community and astronomy that made me decide to make my projectfiles publicly available instead of selling them. I strongly believe that others can find different purposes for this device that i couldnt even think of. So i dont want any progress or innovation be locked behind a paywall or strict licensing.

However, not everyone has access to a 3D printer or is willing to spend over 60 hours printing parts. I want to sell the tracker as a printed kit, so if youre interested in buying one head over to this page: Products


OpenAstroGuider (OAG)

Open-source, Affordable Autoguiding Solution

An integrated imaging sensor and 50mm optics make a great autoguiding platform. Take your exposures to the extreme!


  • IMX290 sensor: very light-sensitive sensor used in low- to midrange Astrocameras
  • 5.6×3.1mm sensor size
  • 2.9 µm pixel size, 2.1 MP
  • Power supply and interface over USB


  • Aperture: 50mm
  • Focal length: 183mm
  • High quality achromatic lens doublet
  • f/3.6 fast optics

Pixel Scale: 3.3″/px

Fully compatible with PHD2. Custom driver.


OpenAstroMount (OAM)

Open-source DIY star tracker which can be build from simple, affordable and 3D printed parts

Check out this first prototype.

OAM will be a mostly printed mount for large and heavy telescopes.



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